As of September 2017, three of Inner Loop Capital's five seed investments have gone on to raise institutional Series A rounds. (Stay tuned for further updates soon.)

Terbium Labs.  Terbium scans the Dark Web for its clients' proprietary data, including consumer data, financial accounts, corporate information and intellectual property.  The service can give advanced warning about previously unknown data breaches.  Terbium provides its clients the world's only system for real-time, automated, scalable and personalized insights into the evolving nature of the Dark Web.

Terbium announced a $6m Series A led by .406 Ventures in February 2016.

Virgil Security.  Virgil Security allows the world's 19 million application developers to include strong encryption and authentication in every app.  Through a combination of their open source software libraries and a scalable back-end API service, developers can add state-of-the-art security with a single line of code.  Virgil's GitHub is here.

Virgil announced a $4m Series A led by KEC Ventures in October 2016.  KEC's Brian Laung Aoaeh nails the investment thesis in his announcement.

Cybrary.  Cybrary is devoted to building a scalable revolution in cyber security training.  There are over 1 million unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide, and yet training for a single module often costs $5,000 and a week-long commitment.  We need to train, retrain and advance the skills of millions of cyber security professionals to meet our industry's challenge.  Cybrary provides exceptional-quality online cyber security training for free.  With education and training at the core, Cybrary is also building the most dynamic community of cyber security professionals.  Since Cybrary's launch in January 2015, over 1.2 million cyber practitioners have already joined the revolution.

Cybrary announced a $3.5m Series A led by Arthur Ventures in September 2017.

NS8. NS8 provides online merchants with anti-fraud services in their web traffic and transaction flows. Over two million merchants operate virtual storefronts on the internet. The vast majority have not previously had access to enterprise-grade anti-fraud services. Fraudulent internet traffic, advertising and transactions drain billions of dollars from these merchants every year. NS8 offers intuitive plug-ins to the most popular online merchant platforms to give merchants control back over their business.

NS8 completed a seed financing in March 2017, led by Inner Loop Capital and including Bloomberg Beta and TDF Ventures.

 Stealth Next-Generation Web Application Firewall
Inner Loop Capital has invested in the seed round of a stealth company that is currently piloting a revolutionary approach to stopping intrusions into web-based applications. As opposed to traditional rules- and heuristics-based approaches, this WAF is entirely deterministic. This innovation offers application owners a known-good state for their online infrastructure, without endlessly tuning their WAF. The company has operations in Israel and Baltimore, MD. Inner Loop Capital invested in a seed round alongside a large syndicate of high-profile cyber security investors and operators in August of 2016.