All four of Inner Loop's pre-seed investments (vintage 2015-2017) have gone on to raise institutional Seed or Series A rounds. Those companies have raised over $30m in follow-on financing from top D.C.-area and national VCs.

Inner Loop has made four other investments in seed rounds led by top institutional investors, and one new seed investment in 2018.

Terbium Labs provides its clients the world's only system for real-time, automated, scalable and personalized insights into the evolving nature of the Dark Web.

Terbium announced a $6.4m Series A led by .406 Ventures in February 2016, and an additional $6m led by Glasswing Ventures in November 2017.

Virgil Security allows the world's 19 million application developers to include strong encryption and authentication in every app.  Through a combination of their open source software libraries and a scalable back-end API service, developers can add state-of-the-art security with a single line of code.  Virgil's GitHub is here.

Virgil announced a $4m Series A led by KEC Ventures in October 2016. KEC's Brian Laung Aoaeh nails the investment thesis in his announcement.

Cybrary is devoted to building a scalable revolution in cyber security training.  We need to train, retrain and advance the skills of millions of cyber security professionals to meet our industry's challenge. Cybrary is also building the most dynamic community of cyber security professionals, now over 1.6 million members strong.

Cybrary announced a $3.5m Series A led by Arthur Ventures in September 2017.

NS8 provides online merchants with anti-fraud services in their web traffic and transaction flows. Over two million merchants operate virtual storefronts on the internet and the vast majority have not had access to enterprise-grade anti-fraud services. NS8 offers intuitive plug-ins to the most popular online merchant platforms to give merchants back control over their business.

Tala Security. Once upon a time, web applications served up static HTML to be rendered in browsers. So web application security meant web server security -- the web application firewall (WAF). Now the server sends large blocks of application logic down to the client to be implemented in the browser. The browser itself is part of the application and so it too must be protected if a web service and its customers are to be secure. Tala provides this solution with modern security tools and no client-side agent.

Seed round November 2017 led by California-based institutional investor and former CEOs of top security companies.

DeferPanic allows enterprise IT environments, especially private clouds, to realize the promise of unikernels for the first time. As a single package of application logic and core OS functionality, unikernels are faster, more flexible and more secure than either full virtual machines or containers. DeferPanic offers the industry's first fully functional unikernel infrastructure.

Scythe allows security teams to test the effectiveness of their People, Processes AND Technology in defending against the most advanced known and unknown threats. Red Teams use Scythe to automate and measure the most sophisticated parts of an attack simulation. Smaller security teams use Scythe as a virtual "Red Team in a Box" to assess themselves against the highest enterprise and government standards for cybersecurity effectiveness.

Inner Loop co-led Scythe's $3m Seed round in September 2018 alongside Ron and Cyndi Gula, with participation from Paladin CapitalEvolution Equity and a wide syndicate of cybersecurity founders and executives.

TBA - Business Information Service
Information on businesses is ubiquitous, free and freely available. And yet critical information about partners, suppliers and prospects is often not easily accessible. This start-up organizes all available information about the world's businesses.

Seed round December 2017 led by the top institutional seed investor.

Stealth Cloud Security Company
As enterprise IT and cloud infrastructure rapidly evolves, all-new security paradigms are needed to secure applications. This seed-stage company has drawn top experts in Israel and U.S. to create these new solutions.

Inner Loop invested alongside a top Israeli institutional VC and leading U.S.-based security executives.